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Managed Outsourcing is the fastest growing area of our business as both existing and new clients recognize the significant benefits.


The key benefits are;


1. Significantly reduced direct production costs (typically around 30%)


2. Improved turnaround time increasing your speed to market


3. 24/7/365 coverage


4. Unlimited resources, use as much or as little as often as you need.


5. Reduced indirect costs such as desk space, equipment and admin within your business.


6. Reduced in office head count aiding social distancing


Our solutions fall into the following categories;


1. E-com image retouching /cropping / size / scale / file naming / versioning.


2. Catalogue / Online campaign image retouching. Garment colour matching is done by our team in the

UK or supplied with paths for your team to colour match.


3. As an add on to your internal team to improve productivity. Let us outsource all the easy but time

consuming work, such as background clean ups and garment cutouts, improving the capacity and

productivity of your own team and removing the need for hire in freelance to cope with peak demand.


4. Mass volume online advertising adaption and localization.


5. Individual frame retouching for moving image.


6 PDF creation for print and online.


Pavement’s approach is simple to implement, flexible, robust and proven to significantly reduce both production and indirect fixed costs.




Duty of Care


Pavement is an ethical employer, we believe everyone who works as a member of our team is entitled to a safe working environment, fare pay and good conditions of employment. To qualify this our offshore production team are ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001 certified. Additionally their workplace is independently audited annually by to ensure pay and conditions exceed local standards and meet with the standards of our UK team







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